The Bücherkinder Interview Series

An interview series profiling people working in the wide world of children’s books

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There are countless people in the literary world who work with children’s books*. The first people we think of are writers and illustrators. Then there are booksellers and librarians. And, of course, publishers, editors, translators, people who help children read, and many more.

But what exactly do they do with children’s books?

I’ve been investigating this question on my Facebook page Was mit Kinderbüchern since August 2015. Over 100 people who work with children’s books have so far taken the opportunity to run my account for a week, talking about their work in the world of children’s and young adult literature. In that time, we readers have looked over plenty of shoulders to see what unusual things different people do with children’s books. The only drawback: this “rotation curation” is only accessible to Facebook users.

Bücherkinder interview series

I’ve been working with children’s books for more than fifteen years. Over that time, I’ve met lots of incredibly interesting people. Some of them have been working with me since the beginning of the Bücherkinder page, and some have even become good friends. What connects us all is good stories and the passion for getting kids and young adults interested in them. This interview series is designed to introduce these great people.

10 answers to 10 questions

The following ten questions will be answered by all different kinds of children’s book people, and published here:

  1. Who are you and what work do you do with children’s books?
  2. How would you describe yourself right now, in three hashtags (#)?**
  3. Which book is at the top of the pile on your bedside table at the moment, and why?
  4. How does your work with or for children and young adults influence how you see today’s world and our society?
  5. What’s the driving force that keeps you working with children’s books?
  6. How do you get potential non-readers fired up about books?
  7. What makes a good children’s book for you?
  8. How has your work changed with increasing digitalization?
  9. Which social networks do you use, and why?
  10. Who else should we definitely interview?

* Children’s books, here, refers to the whole spectrum of children’s and young adult literature.

** At barcamps – called “unconferences” – people use three hashtags (#) to introduce themselves, describing how they’re feeling or what subjects are important to them at that moment.

Thanks to Katy Derbyshire for translating.
Foto: Pixabay

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